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Divine Bliss

"Music that will melt a stone statue" --BBC Radio

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Musicians, Inspirational Speakers, Retreat Facilitators, Podcast hosts, Celebrants

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Troubadours of Divine Bliss have

been award winning musicians for

over 2 decades. 

They are also inspirational speakers,

workshop and retreat leaders,

community organizers, podcast

hosts and celebrants.

They break open our hearts...

then guide us through the depths

of our sacred wounds to the

expanse of our inspired gifts...

they mend our hearts again and

leave us stronger than ever –

knowing that this life

is indeed extraordinary!

Kristen Powell Soulstream Radio

Bliss Story

     Aim Me and Renee have been best friends since their early teens when they met at an evangelical church outside of Louisville, Kentucky.  Aim Me's Dad, a deacon, was part of a mutiny that kicked Renee's Dad, the pastor, out of the church.  Renee and Aim Me remained friends and 12 years later- on a different spiritual journey- they fell in love. They shared a mutual vision of being traveling musicians who inspire a revolution of the spirit and courage of the heart. Following their bliss and freeing their dream, they picked up a guitar and an accordion and moved to New Orleans to become Troubadours of Divine Bliss. They started as street performers in the French Quarter and have since toured all over America, Canada, Scandinavia & Europe- including the International Festival of Music where they were chosen to represent the US. 


     The Troubadours have 9 albums. They are spiritual, environmental, and social justice activists who sing of the Love that springs from within, respect for the Earth, human rights, and healing the heart. They are the founders of Mariposa HeartWork- leading retreats and workshops for personal empowerment and survivors of abuse. In 2008, they founded Mighty Kindness in Louisville, KY to create a circle of sustainability, connection in community, and to empower kindness. The Mighty Kindness Hoots are community unity festivals that celebrate all that is kind for the Earth, body, soul & mind in order to effect change locally and coalesce the visions of a greener, happier, and more just society.


     Currently, they are stewarding and preparing a retreat and reunion space that will be forthcoming, called Way of the Heart Woods, that will be a gathering place for Eco, Spiritual, Creative, Personal & Family communion and renewal.


     The Troubadours of Divine Bliss are musicians, inspirational speakers, writers, celebrants, healing guides, retreat, and workshop facilitators.  They have a weekly online live concert called, Sundays with Bliss on Youtube and Facebook that invites in joy, light, and love.  They are in the process of writing a book about their story that they hope someday will become a film.  Their most recent endeavor is a new Podcast, Caravan of the Heart, that brings together all of their passions and reignites the fire of love in all aspects of living.


    When they are not touring, they are nestled in As You Wish Woods in their Southern Indiana hOMestead in the Hoosier National Forest with their windmill, outhouse, pond Iris, 4 cats, Owl, Bodhi, Frodo & Kitty Baby, and their Troubadogs, Lovin & Bliss, creating, devoting, loving, and giving thanks.

"Explanation is futile...only seeing is believing"
--Louisville Courier Journal
Other Offerings


"Life Changing" --Rachel Elrod

"Penetrating wisdom wrapped in warm serenity, comforting peace decked out in lavish revelry; Music from the heart for the heart, directing the mind toward Spirit; Hope rooted in strength, love rooted in experience." --Judas Grace

 "The Troubadours of Divine Bliss create music that transforms the heart and illuminates the soul. Their songs will brighten your day, lift your spirit, and move you. The warmth of their harmonies, the power of their words, and the progression of their melodies carries you to a meditative place and gently grounds you back into your best self."  --Jonathan Cowherd

" If you are looking for living representations of the harmony of the universe, look no further."   --Debby Donnellan

"This world can only benefit from a new seed planted by these gardeners of the soul. Their very spirit blossoms into the heart of everyone their music touches. I have witnessed the tremendous effect the Troubadours of Divine Bliss have on people. People's lives are transformed by these two powerful women."--Divinity Rose, SubRosa Gypsy

"...These women acknowledge no stylistic boundaries or  limitations ...liberating, infectious and wildly vocalicious"                                           

--David Lilly, Nefarious

"The Troubadours radiate love and spread such hope and happiness through their music. They bring people together and spread love wherever they go. They have changed my life in such a positive way and have helped me to let go of negativity and see the good in people and the world around me." Dottie Nelson

"The Troubadours of Divine Bliss bring deep authenticity and enormous heart to everything they do. Whether playing their awesome tunes, facilitating a workshop or delivering a sermon they always deliver! To be with them is grace." --Mark Steiner, founder of Cultivating Connections

"The Troubadours have the rare ability to sing to your soul......they craft songs that capture being authentic, true and loving inspite of life's circumstances." Kim Smitas

"Aptly named and truly talented, Troubadours of Divine Bliss, are as authentic as they are unique. They wholeheartedly share the gift of their incredible musical talents, as well as work tirelessly to lift up the lives of those around them. Immerse yourself in their song and find yourself smiling. Laugh with them and fall in love with the dance you suddenly find yourself dancing. Open yourself to embrace their hearts and be reminded that there is still good in this world." --Misha, Artist & Facilitator

"They borrow our pain and give us back a dream." --Tim Roberts, Louisville Music News


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