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" Beautifully-crafted, important contribution to human culture in the early 21st century. To my ear, the enchantingly delicious harmonies from Aim Me and Renee are beyond parallel"

--Steve Peck Musician

"They are the embodiment of a new generation of Folk Artists who have taken the genre to the next level...with a 21st Century Creative Edge" --Blissfest Organizer 

"They sing eclectic truths gathered from gypsy journeys and mystic wanderings. They inspire our bliss with a philosopher's touch and a poet's grace. They sing of bold justice that rattles dark corners and brings light to deep spaces. They harmonize deep peace that knits together divided hearts. They fill every space with a love with that sings loud. I've heard it said that you can heal the world with a song, and when the Troubadours sing, I believe this"   --Reverend Marcy Bain

"Music that would melt a stone statue"

--BBC Radio Liverpool

"A midwestern answer to the Indigo Girls, the dynamic duo of Aim Me Smiley and Renee Ananda comes off like a pair of modern-day dharma bums. Kicking around the world, entertaining and uplifting spirits on street corners and in cafés and courtyards, the guitar-and-accordion combo harmonizes wonderfully." --Cleveland Scene

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