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Here at WRUW-FM we’ve been lovin’ those Troubadours for a long time—having Aim Me and Renee on as LIVE in-studio guests and spinning their awesome catalog of CDs. This latest release, As You Wish, once again carries on in delivering their unique, thoughtful and sometimes-zany lyrics combined with excellent accordion- and guitar-driven melodies. Guest players augment the sound on several standout tunes, such as “Extraordinary Life” and more. The entire album is a pleasure to hear (our listeners dig it big time!), and it captures the positive energy, charm and good cheer that comes with their highly entertaining live performances.--James E. Guyette (Mr. JEG), “Laying Down Tracks,” WRUW-FM/91.1



"As You Wish", the newest release from the Troubadours of Divine Bliss will take you to a magical place where divine harmonies reign supreme, as soulful melodies and love inducing lyrics grow your heart three sizes and leave you humming on your way out the door. These mystic singers are one part Rumi, one part Indigo Girls, one part Kentucky bourbon, and all parts southern charm. These singing gypsy fortune tellers will sing your fortune, and you'll quickly learn that your future is a place where hope sings eternal--and so are their songs.--Marcy Bain


The Troubadours of Divine Bliss are making wishes come true with their latest CD As You Wish!  This is their best yet!  It touches the depths of the human heart while uplifting the spirit.  It is an a gift of love and healing every time I listen to it!--Mary Reaman

The Troubadours of Divine Bliss’ As You Wish CD is a spiritual journey all its own. They break open our hearts with their soaring lyrics then guide us through the depths of our sacred wounds to the expanse of our inspired gifts. With seamlessly woven harmonies, they mend our hearts again and leave us stronger than ever – knowing that this life is indeed extraordinary!               --Rev Kristin Powell

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